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Sharp House by Marc Thorpe

Located on five acres of land north of Santa Fe, New Mexico

A desert bunker with angular geometry and a Brutalist charm running through it, the Sharp House by architect Marc Thorpe has Bond villain hideout written all over it. Mainly consisting of concrete and glass, the home was designed to be as economical as possible (large monocrystalline solar panels supply all the home’s energy needs) with liveable minimalism a key aspect of the design.

Located on five acres of land north of Santa Fe, New Mexico, Sharp House was created for a retired New York couple who wanted an escape a far cry from the city they were leaving behind. Large, retractable windows celebrate the landscape around the home, creating different aspects of the desert from all corners of the two-bedroom space. In addition to the views from the ground floor of the single story residence, a ladder extends up the side of the wall for easy access to the rooftop viewing platform for those big New Mexico sunsets.

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